New report by UNF for the last days of the hardest year

Another photo report from our Defenders! The guys sent a report on receiving the aid from UNF and the pics are super nice! We would like to note that all this was purchased with the money collected at our charity lottery. Thanks to everyone who has taken part! We continue to work till the Victory!

Several UNF reports in one

Dear community! Another report from UNF, more precisely – several reports in one! Because there is a lot of work, little time, and we all love our soldiers! First of all, the humanitarian truck was delivered to our defenders! Huge thanks to: Hanna Fedyshyn for bringing a humanitarian aid and UAH 1,300 which were used […]

Another Charity Lottery by UNF is on the way

New lottery by UNF! A ticket is a donation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And to make it more interesting, we are giving away a whole bunch of cool lots: 👉 30 pieces of the sleeves with “Glory to Ukraine” engraving, that served a sniper, which can be hanged on a key chain or […]

Another week has gone – there’s a new report from UNF

The last week was busy. In the intervals between air raids and power black outs, the UNF together with partners and friends continued to send various necessary items to the front: winter uniforms, helmets, food, etc. 🤗 And the grateful Defenders of our Motherland are sending us photo reports in between eliminating the enemy, and […]

Many useful things were sent to the front

While our enemy is terrorizing the civilian population and bombs the energy infrastructure, the Ukrainian Invisible Front continues to work and to deliver many necessary items to our Defenders. Our friends and partners help us in this, as well as many caring people who make donations to our accounts. So, what we have been up […]

Auction announced by UNF

Announcing the auction! The auction lot is a wonderful, successfully used tube that will decorate any interior! When? October, 24. On this day, at 10:00 a.m., a post about the start of the auction will appear on Anastasia Korobova’s Facebook page. In the comments, you can make a bid, where the step will be UAH […]

Terrorists will not intimidate us

Terrorists will not intimidate us! While the RF is shelling and bombing civilians and critical infrastructure, Ukrainians unite and become even stronger! So, a quick report for the previous week: The car, which was purchased with funds collected from the Charity Lottery from UNF, has already been painted! Sniper Rus received 3 tents purchased by […]

Charity Lottery by UNF starts to be useful for our Defenders

Sniper Rus has sent a photo report on giving out warm clothes to his comrades! All this became possible thanks to your participation in the UNF Charity Lottery. A special huge thank you for the fleeces, warm jackets and food to the “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation. Also, many thanks to Bohdan Romanenko, Yaroslav Zin and […]

Haven’t heard anything about sniper Rus for a while?

Haven’t heard anything about sniper Rus for a long time? Let’s fix it!  A new report by Sniper Rus on receiving our parcels is below. Eventually, he will hand it all over to his team, who are powerfully destroying Russia at the front!  So, this time Rus received:  – 5 jackets, 6 fleece coats and […]

Metal detector was handed over to sappers

The metal detector was handed over to sappers in the city of Okhtyrka and will go to the front line very soon. A huge thank you to Mykhailo Mykhailovych for  providing it to the UNF, so that we can send it  to where it is needed the most! Together to the victory!