Metal detector was handed over to sappers

The metal detector was handed over to sappers in the city of Okhtyrka and will go to the front line very soon. A huge thank you to Mykhailo Mykhailovych for  providing it to the UNF, so that we can send it  to where it is needed the most! Together to the victory! 

Another delivery by UNF reached our military in Kharkiv region

A new UNF report came from Anatoly Stryi, who had delivered food to our Defenders. This time the delivery went to the Kharkiv direction. And it’s been very hot there lately! 🔥 Huge thanks traditionally go to the “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation for constant support and deep trust. Special thanks to Bohdan Romanenko for providing […]

Banderabank from UNF has reached the front

Do you remember that we’ve collected UAH 21,000 for the purchase of Banderabank (a large power bank). Finally there is a report from the satisfied Defenders. Thank you to all the people who were not indifferent and donated. Btw, we remind you that now, the UNF and its partners are raffling off cool gifts for […]

Lottery by UNF for the sake of Ukrainian military

The Ukrainian Invisible Front (cyber army of Lviv, founded by internet marketologists) offers you to take part in a charity lottery. All funds collected will be spent on purchasing the cars and tents (or other items upon request from the 🇺🇦 military) for the front line. 💸The price of 1 ticket is UAH 100 Anyone […]

The UNF reports – humanitarian aid reached the families in need

The UNF is trying to help not only the Ukrainian military, but also the civilians who suffered from the moscow hordes… We recently received a photo report and are happy to share it with you. Humanitarian aid has reached the children in the families in need. We are never tired to thank: 👉 “Little Dreams” […]

All 10 backpacks from UNF received by Sniper Rus

Our dear sniper Rus has sent us a new report! The 10 backpacks for which you had helped collect 500 euros, arrived! He and his Cossacks are very grateful to everyone who didn’t ignore the call of the UNF, who donated money, who made a repost, who left a comment – all these actions helped […]

Satisfied we are, when our Defenders are satisfied

Nothing makes us happier than the satisfied faces of our Fighters on the reports! Unfortunately, we have to cover them with smileys, but believe us – every guy is incredibly grateful for the help: The helmet from the UNF reached the Fighter! And hopefully will take care of him faithfully! Backpacks for sniper Rus and […]

UNF report for the last few days

Our parcels have reached sniper Rus and his comrades: First, the silent generator has reached the forefront! A BIG THANK YOU to the “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation for that. Secondly, Rus is especially happy with car filters. It’s old and it barely drives, so those filters were extremely necessary! Thanks to everyone who donated and […]

Zaporizhzhya fighters got humanitarian aid

The fearless Zaporizhia A battalion (we won’t write the full name, you surely can guess) has got the following from the UNF:  👉 Coffee from Vasyl Yuzkevich  👉 Canned foods and sweets from the Charity Fund “Little Dreams”  👉 Product sets from Mr. Maryan  👉 First aid kits formed thanks to a whole bunch of […]

A new report by UNF and thanks to our friends

Friends! With the money you have donated so far, the UNF acquired: – 4 backpacks 50 liters each for sniper Rus and his comrades (€50 per one) – ammunition for the defender Tima, who is going to the front very soon (UAH 1945) – filters for GAZ (automobile). And some goodies were shipped to the […]