Another Charity Lottery by UNF is on the way

New lottery by UNF! A ticket is a donation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And to make it more interesting, we are giving away a whole bunch of cool lots:

👉 30 pieces of the sleeves with “Glory to Ukraine” engraving, that served a sniper, which can be hanged on a key chain or as a necklace.

Many thanks to the sniper Rus for the provided casees and to the IDP neighbor from Kherson, who did the engraving absolutely for free. Check out his Instagram page:

👉 Case from an anti-tank grenade launcher that successfully destroyed a tank. The special value of this lot is that it has been beautifully painted with the Ukrainian ethnic patterns by Mavka Ivarge and her incredible girls!

👉 Three bracelets from sleeves, made by sniper Rus

👉 Flag signed by the Warriors who landed on Zmiyiny (Snake) Island. This flag will go to whoever makes the biggest donation

👉 A huge case-opener made from a sleeve will go to the second largest donator

The lottery will be streamed on November 21, at 16:00 (Kyiv time), live. The link to the broadcast will be added to the pages of UNF in social networks.