Many useful things were sent to the front

While our enemy is terrorizing the civilian population and bombs the energy infrastructure, the Ukrainian Invisible Front continues to work and to deliver many necessary items to our Defenders.

Our friends and partners help us in this, as well as many caring people who make donations to our accounts. So, what we have been up to these past few days:

  • UNF held an auction and sold an empty used tube from the RPG “Mukha”
  • Bought a high-quality Turkish military uniform for an “old warrior” for UAH 5,500
  • Collected and sent ammunition for the guy who is going to the front: a bulletproof vest, tactical boots, protective elbow pads and knee pads
  • Sniper Rus was sent 3 sets of winter military uniforms and, as a bonus, the seller added 3 winter hats (UAH 16,200 spent)
  • We bought and sent awnings to the front so that our military cats could hide from the rain
  • The “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation, as usual, handed over food products that we sent to the front line
  • The mount for the metal detector has been shipped to where it will serve its best