Haven’t heard anything about sniper Rus for a while?

Haven’t heard anything about sniper Rus for a long time? Let’s fix it! 

A new report by Sniper Rus on receiving our parcels is below. Eventually, he will hand it all over to his team, who are powerfully destroying Russia at the front! 

So, this time Rus received: 

– 5 jackets, 6 fleece coats and food (provided by our permanent partners, the Charity Fund “Little Dreams”) 

– 6 pairs of tactical gloves and 6 tactical glasses, purchased with the funds we collected while ordered and delivered by Bohdan Romanenko

Special thanks to Serhiy Tsygankov for helping with the shipping. 

– a gas burner, purchased with the money you donated during the charity lottery. 

(Big thanks to Yaroslav Zin for helping us choose and buy that thing.) 

 – other things that were in the warehouse  

Thank you all for your trust and help!