Another week has gone – there’s a new report from UNF

The last week was busy. In the intervals between air raids and power black outs, the UNF together with partners and friends continued to send various necessary items to the front: winter uniforms, helmets, food, etc. 🤗

And the grateful Defenders of our Motherland are sending us photo reports in between eliminating the enemy, and we show them to you! 💙💛

In addition, the guys are very grateful for the provided humanitarian assistance. They promise to show the food distribution from the front line soon, now we have the pics of them unloading food at the transshipment warehouse.

And we, in turn, are grateful to the “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation, Natalia Bashnyak, the Lviv School #80 and Hanna Fedyshyn – a big thank you to all of you!

Only together will we win! 🇺🇦💪