Several UNF reports in one

Dear community! Another report from UNF, more precisely – several reports in one! Because there is a lot of work, little time, and we all love our soldiers!

First of all, the humanitarian truck was delivered to our defenders!

Huge thanks to:

  • Hanna Fedyshyn for bringing a humanitarian aid and UAH 1,300 which were used for the military to refuel the vehicle
  • Charitable Foundation “Little Dreams” for the humanitarian aid provided on regular basis

Also our Defender received a body armor thanks to Volodymyr Lykhovyd.

Masking nets will go to Okhtyrka, to Dyma Kanishchev. He will deliver them to the eastern border, where they are so needed!

Dumplings and children’s things are waiting for Anatoly Stryi, who will take them to a children’s shelter in the Kyiv region.

Thanks to Christina from the Charity Fund “Dream of a Child” for the provided children’s goods.

Thanks to everyone who helps! Together to our victory!