Lottery by UNF for the sake of Ukrainian military

The Ukrainian Invisible Front (cyber army of Lviv, founded by internet marketologists) offers you to take part in a charity lottery. All funds collected will be spent on purchasing the cars and tents (or other items upon request from the 🇺🇦 military) for the front line.

💸The price of 1 ticket is UAH 100

Anyone can buy any number of tickets. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you get to win and the more we can buy for our Defenders.

Different lots (prizes) will be drawn on different days. There are some useful business services, military artifacts and other cool stuff among the prizes.

The videos of the raffles will be published on our Facebook event page to make everything transparent.

We will also publish the lots and information about the dates of the draws here.


1. To buy a ticket, you need to donate 100 UAH or more on to this Monobank jar.

2. Then send us the screenshot of the payment confirmation to one of our social media pages

3. After sending the screenshot, you will be given a number and you will sign up for the drawing of the desired lot. The full list of lots will be available on August 31.

(By this date, you can buy any number of tickets, receive unique numbers, and on Aug, 31 choose the lots that are of interest for you.)

⚠️ If you do not send us the screenshot, you are not given the number to participate in the lottery. Then your donation will be considered a voluntary charity transfer.


The full list of prizes will be announced on August 31. Currently, we continue to collect them. We will start drawing prizes on September 1.

For example, on September 1, we will be drawing a logo design service and various online business services by leading market experts. Therefore, those who are interested in such can already register for September 1.

HOW ELSE CAN YOU HELP US? Until August 31, we are collecting the lots from anyone who wants to help us. If you have something interesting to give away for the lottery, we would greatly appreciate it!