Young Volunteer Course – a new project by the UNF

How to start volunteering? Where to get humanitarian aid? How to build a trusting audience? How to legally register a volunteer activity?

👉 The UNF answers all these questions within the framework of a new project – “Young Volunteer Course”. We unite volunteers in a private chat, where people can share experiences and study. 

👉 The main goal is to organize training for community members. The UNF invites interesting speakers who cover the  questions of interest of new volunteers. Among our guest speakers there were: a career adviser from the UN, a lawyer, a brand manager, a head of a successful NGO.

👉 In order to systematize the training process, we have created a knowledge base on our website, where we add all the video recordings of the meetings to. Those members who could not join the online meeting, can view the records at a convenient time at this link: