Sniper Rus received a new delivery from the UNF

Sniper Rus and his team have received binoculars, headphones, vitamins and other goodies! All this is thanks to you, our caring Ukrainians!!! Rus said that it felt like there were Christmas gifts:)

For this, the UNF is tremendously grateful to: 

👉  “Little Dreams” Charitable Foundation for vitamins and goodies

👉  Educational and Rehabilitation Center “Levenya” for medicines 

👉 Sofia Druzhchenko for canned food 

👉 Pavlo Tkachenko for headphones and much more 

👉 Yaroslav Zin and Serhiy Tsygankov for their unspeakable help with unloading, loading, deliveries, shipments, logistics, etc. 

👉 ALL who trust us and donate!

Together to the victory!