NFT collection to raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Today we want to tell you something very important! Our team has created an NFT collection to raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As it becomes obvious that both the financial and psychological resources of Ukrainians are beginning to run out, we are trying to engage foreigners. 

And here it is: most important and necessary now is to raise funds for the Army. To defend ourselves, to pinch the enemy’s offensive, to bring our victory closer! 

Ukrainians know and understand this, but it is difficult  to explain to foreigners why volunteers raise money for the military, as it’s the task of the state – to supply the army… 

Still we believe that it’s possible and necessary to do something, to try at least. This is our pilot project, and in future we plan other projects for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

So, this NFT collection is created for certain purposes: purchasing thermal imagers, drones, cars, etc.

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Now we need your support and help, if not with funds, then with reposts!