New report from the town Okhtyrka

The metal detector  provided by the UNF has already reached our brave Defenders in the hero town Okhtyrka. Now our guys will be able to effectively prepare for the front line and take it with them to the hottest spots. They still need at least 1 such device, so we will be grateful to everyone for the aid!

It should be noted that the residents of Okhtyrka in the Sumy Region, liberated from the russians, have returned to normal life only in their dreams.

The town’s infrastructure was severely damaged and many people left. Those who remained are constantly afraid of fire from the territory of the russist federation… Well, and there are still the mines and the remains of shells. 

So, thank you very much to our Heroes, who continue to bring us closer to a peaceful and quiet life! And we do not stop helping them in this!