Satisfied we are, when our Defenders are satisfied

Nothing makes us happier than the satisfied faces of our Fighters on the reports!

Unfortunately, we have to cover them with smileys, but believe us – every guy is incredibly grateful for the help:

  • The helmet from the UNF reached the Fighter! And hopefully will take care of him faithfully!
  • Backpacks for sniper Rus and his comrades finally arrived from Europe
  • Good people donated a water disinfectant

Tomorrow, all this, together with food, we send to the boys at the frontline.

As always, we thank the UNF members for their help in the warehouse!

And let us remind you that the charity campaign for a huge power bank for our Defenders is currently open. This is a quiet device, an excellent analogue of a generator. Its cost is UAH 21,000.

PS. For donations from abroad – we have a PayPal account: unf.officially@zheka_seg